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Welcome to Hawksnest Realty.

Virgil E. Watson, III
PO Box 96
Painter, VA 23420
Phone: 757-678-3799


Lets Talk sometime soon..I am Virgil Watson, the sole proprietor of Hawksnest Realty, a native Eastern Shoreman with roots going back to the first settlers in this area in the 1600's. I am familiar with the Shore and its people. When I tell you that a certain place is a good hunting or fishing spot, it is because I have been there myself. If I tell you there is a good horse trail to the beach through the woods, I know because I have ridden the trail myself.

About the Eastern Shore of Virginia.. This is one of the last undeveloped areas on the east coast of the United States; many of the people that live here are descendants of the original English stock that settled this country. They stayed here because they had no reason to move on, they had found paradise nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The rich soil is some of the best farmland in the country. Prior to the introduction of irrigation to California and the southwest, the Eastern Shore of Virginia had the most valuable farmland in the country.

The waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and the tidal rivers or creeks teem with fish and seafood, making this for years a place where the living was easy. By and large the land and the waters are still pristine. Real estate taxes are very reasonable. We have several shopping centers, good schools and a modern hospital.

Within an hours drive from any point on the Eastern Shore; you can be in the cities of Virginia Beach or Salisbury, Maryland. All the joys of living in the country with the amenities close by.

I would like to be your contact on Virginia's Eastern Shore and afford you the ability to research property to give you the home or property of your dreams.


Virgil E. Watson, III
Hawksnest Realty
PO Box 96
Painter VA 23420
Phone: 757-678-3799

After all - Peace of mind and comfort are the things you deserve.

We can provide your waterfront, farmland, investment property, home & housing needs. Buying or selling I am here to serve you.



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